JAVA - The Roadmap(Structures, Character set, Tokens)

JAVA is an object-oriented language therefore all the programs in java are surrounded by classes and objects.

JAVA - The Roadmap(Structures, Character set, Tokens)


 Java being an object-oriented programming , can't function without the use of classes and objects. Therefore , it is necessary to have a sound knowledge about the basic structure of java. Lets see all them in brief:

   • Object: Object is a real-world entity which has some attributes and behaviour  associated with it.Example : A mobile phone has- colour, company , model etc .features. An object is an instance of class. The process of creating objects is  called instantiation.

   • Class: A class is defined as the blueprint prototype of an object that describes  features of the objects of its type.

   • Methods: It is also functions and is described as the behavior associated with a    class. A class can  have many methods which come into action whenever called using an object. Methods contain logic written in them. It also manipulates data and  executes all the actions linked with it.

   • Instance variables : Each objects has its unique set of instance variables. An object's state is created by the values assigned to these instance variables. Instance variables are declared inside a class, but outside a method.

JAVA Character set:

   • A character set is a set of valid character which a language can recognize.

   • A character represent a letter(including both lowercase and uppercase), digit and special characters.

   • JAVA has following character set:

  • Letters => A-Z(ASCII values from 65-90) , a-z(ASCII values from 97-122).
  • Digits => 0-9
  • Special symbols => + - * / ^ \  (  ) [ ]  { } etc.
  • White spaces => Blank space, Horizontal tab(->) etc.
  • Other => Java can process any of the 256 ASCII characters as data or as literals.

JAVA Tokens:

   • The smallest possible unit of a program is known as a Token.

   • JAVA has following tokens:

  •  Keywords
  • Identifiers
  • Literals
  • Punctuators/Separators
  • Operators

Some facts and applications of JAVA in real life:

     • Java is the official language used for android development and was the second  most popular language.

    • Java is free from the concept of pointer because adding the concept of pointer will affect its security and robustness.

    • Java is one of the most useful language used in development of web-based                    applications and gaming and animation.

    • Java has lot of features which is useful in GUI development.

    • Java being robust and reliable is useful in study of big data and several other                   technologies.

Best of luck with your journey to learn JAVA